Woody Harrelson Reveals He Quit Smoking Weed


The world of cannabis aficionados lost an outspoken voice of support today. Well, in fact, the loss happened roughly a year ago.

Actor and infamous stoner Woody Harrelson revealed in an interview today that he had quit smoking weed.

Harrelson was the bong-hitting star of pot-smoking SNL skits and even blazed up at the Seattle Hempfest. He remodeled his dolphin, unicorn and rainbow-painted party bus dubbed The Mothership to run on hemp fuel.

The 2003 documentary “Go Further” tells the tale of his adventures traversing California in the cannabis-friendly tour bus — He later converted the psychedelic solar-paneled monster into his movie set trailer.

But no more of that, he told Vulture.com in a story published today, when asked about misconceptions of him.

“They think I’m a party animal, which … I am a party animal,” Harrelson said. “I mean, that might be one thing. But I am a party animal. But on the other hand, I haven’t … I’m now extremely moderate and … I actually stopped smoking pot almost a year ago.”

Harrelson went on to tell Vulture.com that he continues to drink alcohol, but quit using cannabis because he found himself becoming unproductive and “emotionally unavailable.”

What do you do to keep from relapsing?
Well, like, last night, someone had — not just good herb but sativa; really good sativa. There’s a joint, and beautifully rolled. I like a beautifully rolled … and I just was like, I mean, I’ve gone this long. It would be weird to just be like, “Okay, let me have a hit off that,” and then suddenly go back to smoking too much, which is … I don’t have a problem at all with smoking. I think it’s great. I think it’s a great drug, in terms of … Even cops say that the side effect is euphoria. Or the … what do you call it?

The effect?
Right. The effect of it is euphoria. But when you’re doing it all the time, it just becomes … Well, you know. I feel like it was keeping me from being emotionally available. I really don’t want this interview to turn into a whole thing about that.

R.I.P. fallen comrade Woody Harrelson — we’ll patiently await your return.

Posted in Celebrity on March, 2017