“Weeee-d!” Everything You Need to Know About a 420 Tour


Come to Denver they say. ‘Check out Red Rocks and Casa Bonita, enjoy the sunshine, get mile high.’ It’s all there for the taking. However, there really is at least one unique tour a hardy traveler can take in Denver that they won’t find anywhere else in the country, or perhaps the world (yet): a My420Tour. That’s because it’s the only one which goes ‘backstage’ at a Euflora grow, one of the biggest dispensaries in Colorado, coupled with a limo bus ride that ferries the traveler between the greenhouse operation and the company’s flagship 16th Street Mall location in downtown Denver.

We caught the bus at the offices of My420Tours.com, which is a little bit off the beaten track, but not far enough out to be a problem. ID’s were checked for the first of what feels like a thousand times, and we signed waivers. Eventually, a bunch of happy cannabis enthusiasts got on the bus, counted aboard by Alyse our “cannabis spirit guide” who explains the procedures and rules.

Rule No.1: Do Not Touch The Plants

If you forget anything, don’t forget this one, as it will result in getting you thrown off the bus. You really don’t need that, it would be a real bummer.

There were about 20 people on the limo bus, who hailed from all over the country, there was even a small group of bro-types from Detroit, a cool young couple from Brooklyn, and others from even further afield in Europe. Mostly, however, it’s pleasant middle-aged or older couples who you may expect to see on a Napa Valley wine tour. We’ll call our new friends ‘Bob and Diane’ from South Charleston, Ohio. They were visiting Denver specifically to check out the cannabis industry. “This is very impressive,” Bob said. “We have never seen anything like it. There is nothing like it where we are from. I don’t think it will ever be like this in South Charleston. They won’t ever allow it.”

(Well, that’s South Charleston off the bucket list.)

The limo bus is pretty sweetly decked out party style with track lights, comfy seats, and cold water aplenty. There are also ashtrays, rolling papers, and bowls — everything the well-appointed stoner needs on hand. OK, the vehicle’s suspension leaves a little to be desired, but it’s a bus full of awesome folks smoking weed and passing joints. Legally. Seriously — What more do you need?

We arrive in the middle of somewhere. It feels like an undisclosed location, but it is around 20 minutes away and with all the smoking between stops the ride seems to fly by. Getting off the bus seems like a bad idea as we are not allowed to consume cannabis outside, but it turns out there’s something worth breaking the couch-lock (or bus-lock as the case may be). Seeing around 500 plants of several different strains in one cool grow house is really something else.

We can smell the sweet aroma of delicious bud. Twenty stoners start salivating.

Our tour guide, Alyse takes us through the 7,000-square-foot greenhouse. She is very informative and enthusiastic about the pot. It’s hard not to be impressed.

View of marijuana plants inside a marijuana growing facility with a tour guide in background.

“It really is beautiful,” said Luke from England, who won his tour at a Comedy Bingo event at the International Church of Cannabis (which should probably be a part of this tour. Wink. Wink).

After having our minds blown by the greenhouse and seeing all the plants, we get back on the bus. “California Love” by Tupac shakes the limo as we wait for the other half of the group to finish their part of the tour. It feels right. We are smoking. Blunts are being passed. It is right.

For the second, and final, stop on the tour we head to Euflora on the 16th Street Mall — there are some cool kids outside. Are they homeless? Are they hipsters? We don’t know, but they indicate we are in the trendy part of town.

“They call it the Apple Store of cannabis,” Alyse tells us.

It really does have a clean, hi-tech feel. The Apple store, however, doesn’t give you a 25 percent coupon as does the My420Tour.

Euflora has fancy podiums, each displaying a strain of cannabis in clear smell-friendly boxes which allow you to look at the weed up close through a magnifying glass. You can also access strain info on a mini-tablet. It’s a sweet place. You can buy everything from the clone of a plant, to edibles, to a kief-infused, pre-rolled joint. Incredible.

Now, we exit through this fantasy of a gift shop, and it’s back on the bus for the ride home!

Posted in Travel on September, 2017