This THC-Infused Lollipop Dares You to Stage Your Own Eco-revolution


Sometimes it isn’t difficult to confuse a stoner. You could ask him to alphabetize his M&M’s, tell him to sit in the corner of the Oval Office, or, in this case, call a cannabis product an idiom for being drunk. Okay, that may not work for everyone, but some of us kind of thought “half lit” always meant drunk. Didn’t it?

Well, wise up sucker.

Half Lit is, according to their site GetHalfLit.com, “a gourmet line of medical confections made with the finest organic ingredients from sucker to seed.” Is anyone else seeing this? “From sucker to seed…” Really? Anyone? OK, I’ll move on.

So, yeah, Half Lit is an organic weed lollipop that, for reasons best known to the good folks who make the things, are cut in half so they look like half a moon — except the other half of the real moon is actually there, so, why can’t we see it? I’m freaking a bit. I promise all this weirdness is going somewhere.

It’s handmade in California and the makers put a lot of effort into dosing consistency. Which is great. Every lollipop weighs in at 25mg of THC.

But, that’s not it. It’s really not. There is one more thing that makes the Half Lit cannabis-infused candy different — y’all can actually plant the seed-infused stick and grow yourself some weed.

That’s right, just find some organic soil and a suitable container, and bury the stick. Although Half Lit’s promotional video shows someone lowkey burying that bad boy on a hike, we’re not quite sure that’s legal, as rad an act as it would be. (Why is all the really cool stuff illegal?) It also may not be advisable to go meddling in Mother Nature’s plans. Cannabis is natural, that’s for sure, but who knows how much of an invasive species it could turn out to be in some areas.

Person planting THC lollipop into soil.

So stick to pots, i.e., plant those sticks in pots.

You may need to add 10 percent organic vermiculite and 30 percent organic perlite (although regular will do the trick) to loosen up any heavy soil. Sit back and chill for 11 days before you start to see some sweet germination action, another couple of months of vegetative time, and a couple (Perhaps three) more months to flower and, congratulations, you’ve just turned trash into treasure and staged your very own Weedvolution.

Apparently they’re also quite tasty, although a quick search on Weed Maps reveals you can currently only get them in California. Too bad for the ‘Beast Coast.’ Yippie for the ‘Best Coast.’

Everything about this product might seem weird, but ultimately it’s cool that you get to suck on your weed, then smoke it too.

Posted in News on September, 2017