Ten Things To Do When You’re Too High


If you’ve done a quick Google search to get to this article because you ate a little too much of an edible, or smoked a little too much and are feeling uncomfortably high (and perhaps feel a bit of a panic) don’t worry.

First and foremost, realize what is happening to you – and that it’s really not that bad. Understanding your feelings is the first step to keeping them in check.

It’s really quite simple: despite what your weedman (or even some licensed budtenders might have told you) many, many strains available today are hybrids of indica and sativa. This means the weed you smoked (or ate) may have had a different profile of side effects, and in addition, the ratio of THC to CBD might not have been what you expected. It’s also important to bear in mind that your body processes THC absorbed through your lungs and your liver very differently, which is one of the ways people get into trouble with edibles, in addition to dosage problems.

This is all important because the first thing you need to do when you feel “too high” is:

1. Recognize What’s Going Down Here!

You’re not alone, this happens to all of us.

You got a heavy dose of THC and it caused one of the most commonly reported side effects for every marijuana user: anxiety. Between 20 and 30 percent of cannabis users report feelings of anxiety, panic, paranoia, or distrust, after smoking or ingesting edibles. Nobody ever died from using cannabis, and the effects won’t last forever. THIS WILL PASS, so stay calm.

Luckily, there are a few great tricks you can try to speed up the comedown – Just don’t consume any more THC!

2. Drink Orange Juice

Most of the research on this one hovers around the anecdotal evidence of “it just kinda works.” There’s some speculation that it raises your blood sugar, another hypothesis that it speeds up your metabolism, and even more chatter that it’s just plain old simple psychology. Whether it works (or you just think it works) there’s a ton of word-of-mouth evidence that you’ll feel less high pretty quickly after drinking a tall glass (or two) of good old-fashioned orange juice.

3. Sip Water

Everything feels worse when you’re dehydrated! Make sure you’ve got enough fresh, drinkable water on-hand to hydrate those cells, for an all-over better feeling. Stick with your standard H20; don’t opt for sugary, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverages which can make matters worse. Don’t choke it down, either, take slow measured sips to keep your focus on a positive activity while you slowly come down. It will also help with the dry mouth, dry eyes, munchies, and sometimes even the compulsive need to fidget!

4. Black Peppercorns

Another natural home remedy which sounds like malarkey but has a ton of anecdotal evidence behind it is sniffing or chewing on a few black peppercorns. Weird right? Some say the relief doesn’t last very long, but unless you have an allergy to pepper, it really couldn’t hurt. Try to keep some on-hand at home for just such an occasion.

5. Take a Nap, or Just Relax

Keep in mind that the “too high” feeling will pass. If you’re at home or at a trusted friend’s home, find a cool, dark, quiet spot to curl up in. Take deep breaths and clear your mind. (If you have any meditative breathing or yoga skills, now is the time to use them!)

If you can’t sleep it off, just get comfortable, focus on the sound of your breathing, and rest. Don’t fight your uncomfortable thoughts, stave them off calmly and slowly.

One trick might sound silly, but works. Close your eyes and imagine you have the ability to breathe in outer space. You’re floating out there, nothing around but the stars in the distance, and as soon as those anxious thoughts approach, you’re able to just kind of shoo them away and they spiral off into oblivion, never to be seen again.

6. Go For a Walk, or Stand Out in the Cold

If you don’t feel too dizzy, fresh air always helps, and sometimes the physical act of walking and change of scenery will take your mind off the discomfort.

Walking also increases blood flow, and changes your mindset, just ALWAYS tell someone you trust where you’re going or your route, even if it’s just a text to your best bud. You never want to find yourself lost in a forest while really high!

If it just so happens to be freezing outside, dress appropriately and stand just outside your door for a few minutes. The cold could be reinvigorating enough to shock those crazy thoughts into submission a bit.

7. Take a Shower or Bath

If you’re at home, sometimes a cool shower takes the edge off and distracts you from your high. If you’re a bath person, a nice warm bath could help you relax.

Always remember: spending quality time in a bubble bath with no one but a smiley rubber ducky is completely under-rated.

8. Keep Your Mind Off Stuff

Video games can be wonderfully distracting activities, although you might want to avoid any violent first-person shooters).

Don’t forget that Spongebob, Scooby, Rick AND Morty are there for you too. Also try listening to some chill music, busting out some crayons and coloring, or even rediscovering your finger painting skills.

If they happen to be around, or you can call in a bro favor, try chilling with a buddy or a pet. Times like these are what friends, and puppies, are for. If you can, snuggle with a loved one, or spend some quality time with your fur baby. Studies have shown hanging out with pets reduces stress and anxiety.

If all of those fail – DANCE! Put on your favorite jam and dance like no one is watching, even if they are. By the time you get that blood flowing and that heart racing, you’ll be tired enough (or embarrassed enough) to not worry so much about the weird little things that stress you out when you’re too high.

9. Snack!

If you’re too paranoid to cook, don’t fret. Everything you need to learn about stoned snacking, you learned in elementary school. There are plenty of snacks you know how to make that don’t require much equipment. Put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, roll up some ham and cheese slices, dunk apple slices in Nutella, and if you like sweets – try putting whipped cream on pretty much anything.

Hopefully those snacks don’t only satisfy your munchies and distract you from your anxiety, but take you back to a time when things were as happy as when mom or dad taped your art project to the fridge.

10. CBD

CBD, another active compound in cannabis, has incredible anxiety-fighting properties. In fact, some psychologists are studying its use in treating clinical anxiety (not the kind caused by getting too high).

You don’t want to consume anymore THC, however, so don’t get that CBD by smoking more weed. What you’re looking for might be a CBD oil vape pen setup, which are available at many dispensaries in legal states. Of course this solution has to be thought out in advance.

There is always, of course, official help. You can always seek medical attention if you’re seriously concerned for your health due to what might be a cannabis-induced anxiety attack, even if you got high in a non-legal state. Physicians are there to help you, just make sure you weigh out all the options and possible consequences that might be applicable in your area.

What do you do when you’re too high? Comment below – it could help others!

Posted in Health on August, 2017