Oregon Company Announces Weed-Friendly Campsite


Oregon-based Grow Condos announced a new idea in the marijuana world this week: smoke weed while camping.

OK, maybe the idea isn’t so new.

But the Eagle Point, Ore. company, which scouts warehouse space for cannabis growers, is going a little further by planning a pot-friendly RV park, complete with an on-site dispensary. Oregon legalized recreational marijuana in 2014.

The company has entered into an agreement to purchase the Lake Selmac Resort & RV Park in Southern Oregon, which is already set up for swimming, fishing and boating. The publicly-traded Grow Condos plans to name the new weed campsite “Smoke on the Water.”

“This is one of the most exciting ventures to date for our company,” CEO Wayne Zallen said in a statement. “This year we expect significant growth through this subsidiary, as we build, launch, and brand one of Oregon’s next beautiful cannabis-friendly destinations.” According to Zallen, company planners are already setting their sights on other legal cannabis states.

However, much like other marijuana-related companies, finding funding has been the biggest problem, due to draconian federal drug laws.

“We just can’t go to a bank and borrow money,” Zallen said. However, Grow Condos has secured a $5 million investment from San Diego-based Tangiers Capital LLC.

At least it’s clear from independent data that there is demand for more cannabis-friendly destinations.

The Denver Post recently reported that marijuana laws influenced vacation decisions by those exposed to state advertising almost 49 percent of the time – even when the substance wasn’t mentioned in the ad.

Posted in News on January, 2017