5 (Seriously Last-Minute) Stoner Halloween Costumes


It’s Halloween, the only night of the year it’s acceptable to dress like a "sexy teacher," (in)appropriate any culture, and totally ridicule political figures without ending up on a C.I.A. (or K.G.B.) watch-list.

Some spend months and hundreds of dollars on their costumes. Others spend less. We believe in being part of the latter group. Here are our five favs for last minute, inexpensive or simple to throw together costumes for the stoner who wants to wear their weed-loving loud and proud.

1. Bag-O-Weed

Get yourself a large under-the-bed storage bag, some tape and some grass clippings. Done.

2. The Cheech and/or Chong

The essentials for the Cheech and Chong couples costume are the red beanie, red suspenders, red bandanna, fake facial hair, yellow tank top and blue denim shirt.

3. Towlie

Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, Towlie is a pretty simple bet. All you need is a blue blankie (or actual towl), some white gloves and some felt. Grab a bong (make sure it’s empty) and ‘don’t forget to bring a towel!’

4. A Pothead

Sure, you need to be just a little crafty. But, really, the simplest version is just some cardboard, or a bucket painted orange. Everyone already knows you’re a pothead. So, don’t fear, they’ll get it.

4. The ‘This IS my Halloween Costume’ – Stoner Edition

Stoners have the reputation for being a little unmotivated. This shirt makes sure you live up to that reputation. Don’t worry about getting a printed version. A plain T-Shirt and a Sharpie will do the job just as well, and probably make your point even better.

So, there you have it. If all else fails, always remember, anyone with a bathrobe can pull off "The Dude." No excuses. Trick or Treat!

Posted in Funny on October, 2017